Hiroshima Folk Performing Arts

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Hiroshima Folk Performing Arts
Reasons to book this Traditional Japanese Entertainment
  • An experience of Japanese culture and heritage for international audiences with English narration and subtitles

  • Dramatic, energetic and theatrical cultural shows with stunning costumes depicting folk stories through performance art

  • Includes audience participation, Q&A and photo opportunities with the costumes and performers

  • Suitable for cultural festivals, corporate functions, travel incentives and family-friendly occasions

  • Based in Hiroshima, Japan, and available for events all over the world

Hiroshima Folk Performing Arts videos

Hiroshima Folk Performing Arts photos

Our Hiroshima Folk Performing Arts comes from a collective of dedicated Japanese performers who specialise in the local form of performing art called Kagura. This traditional Japanese entertainment dates back hundreds of years and is orientated around the beliefs of multiple gods. Their cultural shows are tailored to international audiences with English narration and subtitles as a means of sharing Japanese culture and heritage. 

The Hiroshima Folk Performing Arts group currently have seven different full-length plays available, each with their own mythical storylines and acted out by the Japanese performers all dressed in fantastic high quality costumes and accompanied by live musicians. The performances are fast and energetic with acrobatics, theatrics and they’re all very colourful making them very exciting for the guests as well as including audience participation with the Japanese performers run through the crowds to get everyone clapping and cheering.

This vibrant storytelling traditional Japanese entertainment is suitable for all kinds of events from cultural festivals to corporate functions, travel incentives to family-friendly occasions. The engaging cultural shows are perfect for international guests as they are fully narrated, followed by a Q&A and even offer the opportunity for photo sessions with the Japanese performers and costumes. 
The Hiroshima Folk Performing Arts offer scalable performances that are available on request to make the best possible impact at your event. Whatever you choose to book, you can be sure that this traditional Japanese entertainment will leave a long lasting memory with your guests.

Contact us at Scarlett Entertainment if you are looking to book cultural shows demonstrating Japanese mythologies. The Hiroshima Folk Performing Arts will be an experience your guests will not forget.