Hippie Stilt Walkers

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Hippie Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Hippie characters on stilts will roam around any event with love and peace posters and slogans

  • Can customise their outfits, makeup and props for each individual occasion

  • Available for both indoor and outdoor performances, ideal to meet and greet guests

  • Ideal walk around entertainment option for flower power parties, outdoor events, theme occasions, festivals, carnival parties, etc.

  • These amazing Hippie Stilt Walkers are based in Rome and are available for international bookings

Hippie Stilt Walkers photos

Bring the spirit of the 60s to your upcoming flower power party with these Hippy Stilt Walkers, talented circus performers that will fill your event with life and colour.

These hippie characters on stilts can roam around your venue or open-air spaces with posters and slogans of love and peace. Our talented circus performers can also play around with balloons, LED peace symbols and other heart-shaped props.

Spontaneous and friendly, these Hippie Stilt Walkers can interact with people in a number of ways. They can be stationed at the entrance of your any venue and offer a warm welcome to guests. They can also pose for pictures and provide guests with different product samples and other branded items, which makes them ideal not only for flower power parties but also for corporate events and product launches.

Our talented circus performers are guaranteed to impress everybody with their colourful costumes and glowing props, which they can customise for each party or occasion. These hippie characters on stilts can be booked for a roaming performance but also as part of other show. They can jump on stage and join a live band or other artists and they can even create easy bespoke choreographies.

The perfect addition to your flower power party, theme events, festivals, carnival and Valentine Day’s celebrations, this hippie characters on stills will stand one or two heads above people and will immediately capture their attention. Whatever the occasion, they’re guaranteed to spread love and peace all around.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of stilt walkers for different theme events all around the world.

If you’re interested in booking these Hippie Stilt Walkers for your flower power party or any other celebration, get in touch with us today and ask to speak to one of our entertainment coordinators.