Hi-tech Neon Performance

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Hi-tech Neon Performance
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Hi-Tech NEON and LED show with elements of acrobatic and choreography

  • Jaw-dropping dance, hip-hop, house, breakdance and body popping moves

  • Glowing costumes, combined with the perfect synchronisation of light

  • Appeared on Ukraine’s Got Talent as a Finalist and Britain’s Got Talent

  • Based in Ukraine and available to perform at events worldwide

Hi-tech Neon Performance videos

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Our Hi-tech Neon Dance Show is made up of a team of talented, young dancers, designers, programmers, and choreographers, leaving colourful images of neon world, which remains in the mind for a long time. Combining contemporary dance, hip-hop, modern, house, locking, breakdance and body popping, they really do give your eyes a lot to feast upon. This LED Dance Group Ukraine is a Hi-Tech neon and LED Dance show that features incredible acrobatic choreography. 

The light goes out and you are left alone, armed only by imagination. The atmosphere of magic, light, dance and music gets into you, makes you believe in what is happening on a stage. All performances are separate stories, which make the audience believe in the impossible. Along with the heroes of incredible show the audience will visit a magical world and romantic dream.

The group has appeared on multiple TV programs, wowing audiences, including Ukraine’s Got Talent as a Finalist and Britain’s Got Talent as a Semifinalist, and performed with artists including Jessie J and The Jacksons, and as special guests for Volkswagen, Siemens mcDonalds, Coca-Cola, ZAIN, NSP and many other corporate clients.

The dancers are continuing to develop and win the world audience by experimenting with new genres and styles of light show. Their tool is glowing costumes based on the so-called "Cold neon" - special wire coated with luminescent material. Each suit is made by hand and is a complex multichannel light system. Management is performed by unique wireless controllers, and special application on the PC makes which makes perfect synchronization of music and lighting effects to the millisecond!

This talented Neon Light Dance Group can offer two shows, a shorter Hi-Tech Neon Dance Show performed by 6 to 9 dancers or if you're looking for a longer performance they can perform with 16-18 dancers to bring the WOW factor to your event!

To book our hi-tech neon dance show or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.