Heaven & Earth Aerial Show

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Heaven & Earth Aerial Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A circus theatre extravaganza, get ready to enter an enchanting world of flying cyclists and angels

  • Featuring opera singing, beautiful aerial performers, levitating bicycles and cinematic video projection

  • Expect pyrotechnics, spectacular costumes and audience interaction in this one of a kind after dinner cabaret act

  • Our unique show has previously wowed audiences at events in Mexico, Japan and Singapore

  • Hire Heaven & Earth Aerial Show for events in Belgium and worldwide.

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Proud entertainment suppliers for high profile events like the Dubai shopping festivals, Scarlett Entertainment are one of the world’s top booking agencies. Working closely with clients and artists, our expert team of creative sales coordinators will liaise with you to provide the ultimate entertainment for your special occasion. If you are looking to book an after dinner cabaret act like no other, Heaven & Earth Aerial Show is the perfect option. Whisking audiences off to an extraordinary world of angels and flying bicycles, this circus theatre act is certain to capture the hearts and minds of viewers. Featuring aerial performers, live music, dance and video projection, this unique show promises an unmatchable sensory journey. 

A truly unique show, this aerial act creates a sense of reverence in even the loftiest of venues. Inspired by Spanish culture, this circus theatre show brings together flamenco music, dance and costumes with beautiful video projections, pyrotechnics, aerial performers and angel walkabout characters. Featuring a central aerial rig around which videos play on a reel, all eyes are cast upwards as a team of talented aerial artists cycle through the air, interact with umbrella props and sing their hearts out. 

An entertainment extravaganza, the after dinner cabaret show is certain to enchant audiences of all ages with its superb live music and exceptional cirque cabaret choreography. Incorporating a mixture of ground performance and aerial artistry, audiences will love interacting with our angel walkabout performers as they dazzle all with their elegant wings and helium balloon headpieces.

Cabaret Show Elements:
- Aerial cyclists
- Aerial dance
- Walkaround angels
- Aerial opera singer
- Pyrotechnics
- Helium balloons
- Aerial props
- Cinematic video projection
- Flamenco dancers
- Amazing lighting

Full of surprises and excitement, this unique act makes a technically intricate performance look easy with its seamless delivery. Able to be adapted to suit your event type or venue, the show’s colour scheme and glittering performers make it suitable for Christmas events as well as corporate celebrations and festivals. Having performed at numerous high profile occasions including Holland’s “Turn on the Lights”, the “Daidogei Festival” in Japan and Mexico’s “International Theatre Festival”, this elaborate show really is something special. 

To learn more about the technical requirements of booking Heaven & Earth Aerial Show for your event, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team at Scarlett Entertainment today and we will be in touch.

Del mundo winterfestival, Maasmechelen 
Turn on the lights, Rotterdam
Daidogei festival, Shizuoka – Japan
Voyage Night Festival, Singapore 
Theaterstock festival,Bacau - Romania
Nuits de Cirque,Villers-la-Ville 
KTO Theatre’s ULICA Festival,Krakow – Poland
Nice Carnival
Festival Intenacional de Teatro “Héctor Azár”,Puebla, - Mexico
Theaterfestival, Perm - Russia