Hara Hologram Illusion Show

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Hologram Illusionist
Reasons to book this Video Mapping Show
  • State of the art hologram illusionist performs a completely unique and high impact show

  • Seen on America's Got Talent and endorsed by celebrities such as Simon Cowell and Ne-Yo

  • Breathtaking and technological advanced illusion show that will leave guests questioning reality

  • Shows are tailorable and are customisable with logos and branding

  • This innovative video mapping magic show is available to book for events worldwide

Hara Hologram Illusion Show videos

Hara Hologram Illusion Show photos

The Hara Hologram Illusion Show is a state of the art video mapping show that uses incredible video mapping and stunning choreographies. Audiences are transported into a visually captivating hologram illusion show that comes to life before their very eyes. The technology used within the video mapping illusions means that it looks like Hara plucks a dove from thin air, making objects appear and disappear and trees grow. High quality graphics and the latest technology in screening are used to achieve breathtaking results.

The high impact and completely unique video mapping show is the perfect wow factor entertainment for international corporate events and product launches looking to impress guests with an innovative new medium. Hara Hiroki can incorporate logos and branding as well as customised images into his hologram illusion show giving audiences a completely bespoke performance. Hara has multiple costumes he can use but generally performs in a bespoke white costume. 

As a multi award winning entertainer, magician and contemporary illusionist, Hara Hiroki has an outstanding reputation on the world magic scene, which has been growing rapidly since being featured on various TV shows around the world including popular BBC series 'The Magicians' and 'America's Got Talent'. Now with global recognition, and endorsed by celebrities such as Simon Cowell (“You are Amazing, a million percent YES!!”) and Ne-Yo (“I can completely see you in Vegas I’ll buy the ticket"). He has wowed global audiences throughout Asia, America and Europe and beyond. 

The Hara Hologram Illusion Show is perfect for logo or brand launches, conferences, corporate functions and high end events as the innovative video mapping illusions always impress the guests. His previous client's list includes companies of the highest calibre such as Ferrari, Dior and McKinsey & Company . 

Top Tip:

Additional performance options include the iclusion of company logo, a VIP appearance illusion from a holographic projection, stage magic show and a state of the art Virtual Reality Show.

To book the visually impactful and highly memorable Hara Hologram Illusions Show, contact our Entertainment Coordinators who will be more than happy to discuss the options for your event. 

McKinsey & Company,
Kazakhstan Government 

…and many more

"You are Amazing !! A Million per cent YES!! "

Simon Cowell

"I can completely see you in Vegas I’ll buy the ticket"