Greek Themed Band

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Greek Themed Band
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Bringing the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean to an event near you, this band provide Greek traditional entertainment shows

  • Featuring Sirtaki & Hasaposerviko folk dances & the famous Zorba song, guests will love joining our Greek dancers on stage

  • Also including Greek musicians playing authentic bouzouki instruments & Cifteteli & Zembekiko plate smashing rituals

  • This Greek stage show is ideal for wedding receptions, festivals, corporate parties & more

  • Book Greek Themed Band for events in Poland & worldwide

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Scarlett Entertainment are an award winning booking agency, proudly supplying high quality entertainment acts from our diverse international roster. Whether you are looking to book musicians or full stage show, our Greek Themed Band will provide the perfect Greek traditional entertainment to bring your event to life- Mediterranean style. Featuring Greek musicians and Greek dancers, this authentic Greek stage show never fails to create a spirited feeling amongst guests whatever the occasion.

A culture saturated with history, Greek heritage has had a monumental impact on the world. From philosophy and politics to art and music, Western civilisation would look entirely different without the influence of Greek culture. For this reason, it is no surprise that traditional Greek entertainment is one of the most sought after options for events far outside of the nation’s boarders. Our Greek Themed Band are a group of Greek musicians and dancers based in Poland and regularly performing throughout Europe. Bringing the sights and sounds of traditional Greece to wedding receptions, private parties, corporate events and festivals, our excellent entertainers supply bespoke Greek stage shows based on the specific requirements of each client’s event.

Greek traditional entertainment includes
- Hasaposerviko: Also known as ‘the butcher’s dance’, this folk dance includes both slow and fast versions
- Zorba & Sirtaki: Composed by Mikis Theodorakis, the ‘Zorbas Dance’ is based on 2 traditional Cretan songs. One of the most famous Greek songs, the Zorba gets more and more frantic encouraging lots of energetic ‘Sirtaki’ dancing.
- Cifteteli: Greek belly dancing music
- Zembekiko: A greek folk dance free of choreographic structure. Can be a pair or solo dance.
- Bouzouki music: A greek string instrument related to a lute.

Whether you are looking for a show that guests can watch and enjoy or, the most popular entertainment choice, an interactive performance that audiences can take part in, our Greek dancers will cater their act to suit your special occasion. Offering choreographed dance routines, dancey folk music and even traditional plate smashing, our thrilling Greek show will bring a true taste of one of the world’s most influential cultures to your event. For more information about booking Greek Themed Band, feel free to enquire with our team at Scarlett Entertainment today.