Gold Human Goat Characters

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Gold Human Goat Characters
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Half human, half goat, these fauns are straight from Roman Myth

  • Golden bodies & thick fur bring a regal element to any party

  • Power skip stilts allow them to leap six feet in the air

  • Perfect for themed events, private parties, festivals & more

  • Based in London & available to perform at events worldwide

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Half human, half goat these golden fauns have been brought to life straight from Roman mythology. Stunningly attractive with golden bodies and thick white fur haunches these austere and dignified creatures bring a regal feel to any event.

In Roman mythology fauns are manifestations of forest and animal spirits that help or hinder humans at whim - not to be confused with the satyrs of Greek Mythology which are half human, half horse.

Cheeky and flirtatious by nature, these fauns will roam about your event tickling and cajoling guests and passers by with feathers, engaging them in their games of tomfoolery! Underneath their fur haunches these fauns hide power skip stilts that allow them to leap six feet in the air. Spectators will watch in amazement as they pirouette and jump over each other giving an incredible high-flying performance that adds another level of excitement to their act.

A fun form of interactive entertainment, these fauns are perfect for Roman themed events, private parties, festivals, and more.