Glow & Fire Dancers

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Glow & Fire Dancers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fantastic show will leave audiences in amazement

  • Combines glow performers & fire dancers for one of a kind spectacle

  • Can be customised to match theme or feature your logo or message

  • Available as solo, duet, or group performances

  • Based in California and available to perform at events worldwide

Glow & Fire Dancers videos

Glow & Fire Dancers photos

Our amazing glow and fire dancers from California are not to be missed, as they combine bespoke LED costumes, unique light props and hoops, fire poi and juggling with expert choreography and impressive amounts of creativity to create a truly one of a kind and unforgettable performance.

Whether you are after an elegant glow show or a high energy display, our fabulous dancers can cater to your exact requirements. They have a huge costume theme selection to choose from, and will turn your dreams into reality with their creative interpretations and innovative performance. They are also the only group in the U.S. with the technology to create custom pixel poi spinning images, through which they can program text, logos, names and more.

A wonderful sight to behold with patterns of light, changing colours, and impressive fire displays, this show will really give your event the wow factor. It features both male and female dancers, as well as walkabout performers, and you even have the option of adding in blacklight dancers painted in high intensity UV reactive paint for that extra special touch!

In addition to our incredible glow and fire dancers our performers also offer roaming LED stilt walking robots to bring your event into the future! Guaranteed to capture everyone in the rooms attention, our LED robots are perfect for getting the party started and creating a buzz.

To book our amazing glow and fire dancers or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today!