Glitter Face Painting Booth

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Glitter Face Painting Booth
Reasons to book this Glitter Face Painting Booth
  • Want to add a load of sparkle and sass to your event? Our body painters are on hand with their glitter wands to make your fantasy a reality

  • Armed with glitter paint, sequins, pom poms, googly eyes and tattoos our bodypaint artists make any event feel like a fairy’s dressing room

  • Able to provide a mini or maxi boutique, depending on the size of your event, featuring mirrors, signs, lights, mirror balls and drapes

  • Ideal for festivals, hen nights, parties and more, our face painting booth will doll up any venue

  • Book Glitter Face Painting Booth for events in Brighton and internationally

Glitter Face Painting Booth videos

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There is something missing from your event- what an earth could it be? You’ve got the food under wraps, the music is sorted, you’ve invited guests but there is still something lacking…Glitter! What you are missing is glitter. And you know who has no shortage of glitter? The glamorous team behind this sassy Glitter Face Painting Booth.

Adorning everyone they can lay their hands on with fabulous glitter paint and more, our punky pink haired bodypaint artists will make you want to dye your bob and move to a festival forever. Encouraging everyone to have fun with their appearance and bring a bit of magic into their lives, our body painters will ensure you are party-ready in no time!

Not simply confined to a festival field, this amazing face painting booth is in huge demand to appear at hen parties, birthdays, weddings and corporate events. The love children of Ziggy Stardust and Lady Gaga, the femme fatale body painters behind this sparkling boutique are on a mission to bring more glitter to the world, one event at a time.

Packing a rainbow of glitters, sequins, bindis, mini pom pons, google eyes, metallic tattoos and colourful eyelashes, our bodypaint artists are going to transform you and your colleagues into an army of snazzy sass warriors. Not simply for women, you may be surprised just how many men are muscling their way into the glitter face painting queue to get themselves dolled up with a glitter beard!

Offering two boutique options, our glitter painters can supply the ‘mini’ featuring two beauticians and two beauty stations or the ‘maxi’ with double that number. Kitting out every face painting booth with pink drapes, mirror balls, rope lighting, signs, mirrors and more, it is pretty hard to miss these glitterarti when they arrive at your event!

Based in the glitteriest city in the UK (Brighton, duh) and available to be booked for events across the globe, please contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment today if you are willing to help these sparkly sisters achieve world domination.