Glamorous LED Dancers

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Glamorous LED Dancers
Reasons to book this All Female Dance Group
  • Wonderfully sophisticated and glamorous LED dancers

  • Stunning custom made illuminated costumes are a visual treat

  • Create unique and fully tailored shows for every event

  • Perfect for gala dinners, corporate functions, weddings and much more

  • Based in Moscow and available for event all over the world

Glamorous LED Dancers videos

Glamorous LED Dancers photos

Book the fantastic glamorous LED dancers to lure your guests into a mesmerising and enchanting light show. This collective of themed dancers has created some truly amazing and unique illuminated costumes with a wow factor. The superb selection of white costume feature top of the range, programmable LED lighting that synchronises all the dancers together in a spectacular unified light show.

Our wonderfully sophisticated and glamorous LED dancers offer two different options. The first option involves and magnificent dancer, on a podium, in an astounding large white dress. The bottom half of the dress illuminates with multiple colours as she sings along to the backing track. Five LED dancers emerge from under her dress for the second half of the routine. The second option available is a group of illuminated white dancers who can create fully customised routines to suit client requirements. 

Based in Moscow, the highly skilled dancers all have professional training from leading Russian institutions. Together, they form an exceptionally versatile all female dance group able to deliver high impact, high calibre, customisable light shows guaranteed to, not only wow the audience but also, leave a long-lasting impression.

Perfect for  gala dinners, corporate functions, weddings and and event requiring a bit of glitz and glam. You can also book the wonderful themed dancers to meet and greet with your guests and as they mingle amongst the crowd they will soon become a photo opportunity everyone wants to get involved with. 

Top Tip:
These dancers are also available as LED Showgirls with lots of other fantastic costumes and can add a bit of variety to your event. 

Get in touch with our Entertainment Specialists to book this magnificent all female dance group to bring illumination and sophistication to your event.