Giants of Light

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Giants of Light
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Unique act symbolises & promotes creativity, innovation, inspiration & trust

  • Giant glowing puppet steered by a group of 5 professional puppeteers

  • A female character & miniature baby character are also available

  • Offer a roaming interactive act or custom made stage show

  • Based in Stuttgart & available to book to perform at events worldwide

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Offering unique roaming and stage entertainment that will leave your audience awe-inspired, our roaming character and giant puppet is the stunning centrepiece that will take your event to the next sensory level!

Our giant LED puppet was created to embody the ideal that, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. Its every movement is a result of the collective moment in the ‘Here and Now’, and stands for trustful collaboration which relies on inclusion and cooperation to work. Our puppet believes that this is something that we should apply on a global level.

Handled and bought to life by a team of 5 experienced and professional puppeteers, our unique roaming character’s flexible, transparent body of fibres weaved together comes to life and moves in perfect harmony with a magical soundtrack provided by the music of the West African harp – Kora.

Despite its monumental size, this beautiful walkabout character move smoothly and with natural grace and charm. Our gently giant is able to intimately interact with the audience in a very humanistic way thanks to the skill of its puppeteers, so much so that spectators will forget that the puppeteers are there and a wonderful interaction between spectator and giant blossoms. Our roaming giant's life-like movements combined with its shining interior light and atmospheric music creates a magical experience that can only be witnessed to be believed. Watch as our graceful roaming giant dances to the music from a live DJ, shakes hands with the old and laughs with the young!

Putting audiences under a spell and taking them on an unforgettable journey, this inspirational walkabout act has the ability to connect cultures and bring spectators together in a shared emotional experience. Our beautiful giant really does need to be seen to be believed.

Able to offer both an interactive walkabout act and sensational emotive stage show, our LED puppet is able to bring a special touch to all kinds of events including brand events and corporate celebrations, awards ceremonies, car launches and large-scale stadium events and much more. What’s more, our gentle giant can come as part of a family with several giants and a wonderful baby that captures everyone’s hearts. Book our Giants of Light today!

Top Tips

  • Our puppet is available in a range of sizes from giant to miniature, and can also be accompanied by a mesmerising female character that can be illuminated with any range of colours.
  • Branding cannot be placed on the puppets, however our team are more than happy to work towards creating special objects relating to your brand that can be incorporated into the performance  / storyline.  
  • Get in touch with our entertainment specialists to discuss how to incorporate branding opportunities and create custom performances.