Giant Walkabout Giraffes

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Giant Walkabout Giraffes
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Beautiful walkabout animals featuring sensational larger than life stilt walkers.

  • Phenomenal walkabout act showcasing our beautiful costumed performers.

  • Visually appealing walkabout performers using the latest in stilt technology.

  • Wonderful roaming act for gala dinners, street performances, themed occasions, etc.

  • Book roaming giraffes for events throughout the United Arab Emirates and worldwide.

Giant Walkabout Giraffes videos

Giant Walkabout Giraffes photos

Are you looking for an engaging walkabout act that features beautiful walkabout animals and professional walkabout performers that will keep your guests engaged and entertained during your upcoming special event? Well, look no further than our fantastic and visually stunning animal inspired entertainment options that includes a group of fantastic roaming giraffes that will tower over your guests, keeping them on their feet and mesmerised. A wonderful and unforgettable roaming act that will keep your event lively and bubbling with conversation. 

Exceptional animal themed entertainment and interactive entertainment, our professional walkabout performers can work individually or as an ensemble of roaming giraffes, filling up your special occasion with an animal kingdom experience, that is sure to leave your guests with unforgettable memories. Guests will interact with our wonderful roaming act who offer a variety of unique meet and greet experiences and photo opportunities. Keeping your guests smiling is the end goal of our walkabout act, and our walkabout animals will not disappoint on that front, providing your event with a wow factor quality seal of approval.

An exquisite roaming act is what your event will receive when you booking our dazzling and stunning roaming giraffes to take the reigns and provide your guests with unique animal inspired experiences and exhilarating basic routines. Your own personal animal team that will fill your venue with a lovely atmosphere that will quickly turn your event into a care free chill zone for all ages. Our versatile performers can adapt their performance to fit a number of event themes and styles, helping you create a unique experience. The perfect walkabout act for gala dinners, street performances, themed occasions, festivals, drink receptions, and much more.  

If you are interested in booking our banging roaming walkabout act for your upcoming event, contact any of our entertainment experts who are awaiting to assist you with your booking needs.