Giant Mirror Puppet

Giant Mirror Puppet
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Our Giant Mirror Puppet boasts event entertainment that is highly interactive, engaging and unique

  • Female puppet creates her very own light show as her mirrored body refracts light in every direction

  • Mirror puppet can be joined on stage by musicians and other performers

  • Perfect for corporate events, private parties, brand launches, festivals, nightclubs and more

  • Based in Stuttgart and available for worldwide bookings

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Brightening every event with her glistening mirrored body our Giant Mirror Puppet boasts event entertainment that is incredibly interactive, engaging and unique. Creating her own personal light show, this female puppet refracts light in every direction making her the ultimate walkabout act for any festival, nightclub or brand launch. 

With a team of puppeteers with her wherever she goes this rooming Giant Mirror Puppet turns heads and excites audiences of all ages with funny dance moves, striking features and interactive stage presence. 

Our female puppet can also be joined on stage by musicians and other performers as well as being booked as an interactive walkabout act that mixes and mingles with your guests. Fantastic for bringing the energy up in an event, our giant puppet towers above crowds ensuring that everyone can see her. 

In addition to solo performances our Giant Mirror Puppet can be booked alongside our Giants of Light male puppet and child puppet making for a group performance that will leave everyone speechless. Our puppets can even perform dance offs on the dance floor at your event making for brilliant event entertainment.

Top Tip:
Our female puppet glows from within and refracts light making for event entertainment that also doubles up as a remarkable focal point amongst your decor.

Handled and bought to life by a team of five experienced and professional puppeteers, our unique roaming character’s flexible, mirrored body comes to life and moves in perfect harmony with live music and/or your chosen soundtracks.

Guaranteed to get every party started this exceptional Giant Mirror Puppet brings a feminine quality to every event and turns heads wherever she goes. Fantastic for making a big impact at your event or filming promotional material for your brand/company/and event.

To book our unique female puppet or for more information about booking event entertainment contact our helpful team of Entertainment Specialists today.