Giant Dancing Puppets Spain

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Giant Dancing Puppets Spain
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An astonishing puppet walkabout act filled with music and lights.

  • Our giant puppet performers make a great dance show performance for all to enjoy.

  • Our street performers encourage the audience to be a part of the experience.

  • Hire unique roaming characters, available to perform in festivals, ceremonies, and more.

  • Book walkabout entertainment for events in Spain and worldwide.

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Our amazing puppet walkabout act is one of our most unique roaming characters here at Scarlett Entertainment. Giant puppet performers will provide the ultimate walkabout entertainment through dance, music and LED lights. Street performers will interact with crowds and cause a stir wherever they go!

Giant puppet performers are larger than life and is filled to the brim with unique personalities that will delight and awe young and old audiences. Our engaging street performers will attract large crowds as they bring the night into the light with their large moves and beautiful choreography. 

Our unique roaming characters specialise in interacting with their audience so guests can expect to be just as large a part of the show as the puppets gleefully dancing either on stage or through the streets.

This walkabout entertainment option is available as a live stage show too. Our street dance show is filled with energy, emotion and amusement. A magical environment filled with various geometric illuminated forms that come together to create an out of this world high visual impact.

If you plan on holding an event during the day then our phenomenal puppeteers will simply switch from using lights to vibrant and beautiful LED colours so your guests can still get the full experience and continue to dance with our giant dancing puppets. LED roaming act will bring laughter and joy wherever they are dancing! Suitable for an all ages occasion that can tie into various themes so you're bound to find one that matches your themes imagination.  

Scarlett Entertainment is bringing the world of giant puppets to life worldwide with our entertainment specialists here to help you book our amazing giant and colourful friends. If you're interested in booking our puppet street performers, make sure to get in contact with one of our amazing team members today who are more than happy to bring the right entertainment to your event.