Giant Alien Spider

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Giant Alien Spider
Reasons to book this ACT
  • 360 degree stage with a DJ booth suspended above a popular dance floor

  • Packed with high powered fire cannons, lights, lasers and co2 jets

  • "it made U2's "crab" look like a paperweight" - Daily Telegraph

  • In demand on the festival circuit with past performances at Glastonbury

  • Based in the UK & available for events worldwide

Giant Alien Spider videos

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The giant alien-spider like installation is an animated 360 degree stage with a fully programmable DJ booth suspended above the most popular dance floor on the festival circuit.

Created from recycled crane arms and packed with high powered fire cannons, lights, lasers and co2 jets, the Daily Telegraph remarked that  'it made U2's "crab" look like a paperweight!'

Their spectacular death defying performance uses every element of its audio-visual armoury to unite the audience on a journey from 0 – 110% ecstasy in just 24 minutes.

We highly recommend viewing this film, as words cannot describe what it can do!