Ghanaian Drummers

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Ghanaian Drummers
Reasons to book this Ghanaian Drum Show
  • A highly experienced Ghanaian drumming group plays funky grooves for audiences of all backgrounds to dance to

  • Our Ghanaian Drummers combine traditional chants with dancers and drumming to create a cultural stage show like no other

  • Electro-fusion sets re-imagine traditional drumming, chants and acoustic instruments with digital beats, basslines and melodies

  • One of Africa’s leading traditional touring groups having toured the UK 14 times, with high profile appearances at WOMAD, Glastonbury and more

  • Based in Ghana and available to hire in the UK, Europe and worldwide

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Book our Ghanaian Drummers for an unforgettable live music performance guaranteed to get your audience dancing. Playing a unique style of drumming that has been designed to appeal to international audiences, these tribal drummer's music is slightly slower and much funkier than the fast, frenetic rhythms of orthodox African dance performances. These seasoned professionals transport the traditional sounds, songs and spirit of Ghana to events worldwide.

Audience Participation and Dancing

Featuring traditional drumming and singing in five part harmonies accompanied by dance routines, our Ghanaian drumming performance is designed to fill audiences with joy and energy and get the whole room dancing. Opportunities for audience participation are aplenty, from call-and-response singing to follow-the-leader dances, our Ghanaian Drummers break down the barriers between audience and performers to create a more inclusive, community vibe. 

After 14 tours across the UK and Europe with high profile appearances at festivals such as, Glastonbury, Notting Hill Carnival, Shambala and Sfinks Festival, this group is widely recognised as one of Africa’s leading international touring groups. 

Other notable performances include: the London Olympics, Commonwealth Games and the Queen's Jubilee. There is simply no audience too large or too small for our Ghanaian Drummers to accommodate. As well as offering a dynamic and thrilling stage shows these tribal drummers can perform in informal offstage settings, participate in processions or play as background music for a reception. The troupe can also provide workshops in drumming, dancing and singing for children, young people and adults.

West African and Ghanaian Live Music 

Top Tip:
This Ghanaian drumming group can perform a traditional African ‘Libation’ ceremony which is perfect for opening an event or festival. 

As well as a traditional set, this group also performs an ‘electro-fusion’ set combining traditional drumming, chanting and acoustic instruments with electronic beats and basslines. Our Ghanaian Drummers previously performed this set to widespread critical acclaim at the world renowned Glastonbury Festival in front of an audience of more than 8000 people!

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a fabulous range of drummers from different traditions and cultures for performances worldwide.

To book this sensational Ghanaian Drum Show to take your event to the next level, get in touch with our specialist team who will help you through the booking process.