German Wheel Artist

Circus Entertainment,Cube & CYR Wheel
German Wheel Artist
Reasons to book this ACT
  • One of the most successful German wheel acrobats of the past two decades

  • Performed more than 3,000 times worldwide including in water & on grass

  • Can perform solo, as part of a duo and group German wheel acts

  • Previous clients incl Mercedes Benz, EON, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Endemol

  • Based in Germany & available to perform at events worldwide

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German Wheel Artist Achus has performed in the German wheel for more than 20 years and has established himself as one of the most influential and most successful German wheel acrobats of the past two decades.

Achus has been part of the German National Team for 15 years and has become the German champion several times, world-cup-winner twice and world champion seven times.  Achus also works as a highly skilled trainer and is in great demand working for individual acrobats as well as for national teams. He creates premium-quality choreographies, solo-, duo- and group-German wheel acts and has furthermore produced spectacular gala shows. 

Achus has organized, produced and choreographed shows, worked out sponsoring- and marketing- concepts and has performed more than 3,000 times all over the world (Brazil, Japan, Korea, USA, Europe, India, Saudi Arab, Arabic Emirates, Lebanon).  He has performed in cabaret-shows, circus-shows, water circus, corporate events, gala-shows, casino-shows, tv-productions, private events of all sort and convention shows.

Because of Achus long performing experience he has the ability to control his wheel on nearly every kind of surface. He has performed in water, on grass at football and cricket matches, in stadiums and big arenas, on streets, wooden stages as well as metal surfaces, stone floors, soft thin and thick carpet floor, gymnastic and rhythmic gymnast floors.

Corporate Events:
Amway China 2010 - incentive event by Luc Petit (Geneva, Switzerland)
Factory inauguration Ashok Leyland Facility 2010 (Uttarakhand, India)
DVAG Investment Bank Company Show 2010 (Lanxess Arena Cologne, Germany)
Hannover convention “HMI” – 5 days Convention Shows 2008 (Hannover, Germany)
BMW launch event Saudi Arab-Tour 2007 (Riad, Dammam, Jeddah)
Audi Shows, Ceremony Awards 2007 (Essen & Krefeld, Germany)
KPN Award-Show, Endemol Studios 2007 (Hilversum, Netherlands)
Mercedes Benz - launch event 2004 (Seoul, Korea)
Volkswagen launch event – Endemol-Studios 2003 (Hilversum/Netherlands)
BMW meeting – Endemol-Studios 2003 (Hilversum/Netherlands)
EON - Energy 2003 (Munich, Germany)
German Energy-industry, Gala- dinner Show 2003 (Duisburg, Germany)

Galas / Shows:
STB Gala Tour 2009 / 2010 (Cyr & German Wheel) Show Tour Germany
Gala Dinner Show at convention Brussels “Besix 100 years” 2009 (Belgium)
Show at the DLF Final “Indian Cricket Premier League 2008” (Dr. Patil Stadium, Mumbay, India)
Gala Show “One World” 2008 (Ludwigshafen, Germany)
Helen Downing Gala – TV Charity event 2008 (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Gala Theatre Show 2007 (Baden Baden, Germany)
Worldgymnastrada 2007 (Dorbirn, Austria)
National Gymnastic Federation - "GYMMOTION" 2007, Show-Tour Germany
Football-Arena Show, match between Zaragossa - Real Madrid 2007 (Zaragossa, Spain)
National Gymnastic Federation - "GYMMOTION" 2006, Show-Tour Germany
Closing Ceremony World Championships Wild Water Racing 2006 (Becov Castle, Czech Republic)
Gymgala 2006 (Gent, Belgium)
Gala Show 2006 (Duisburg, Germany)
Gala Show 2006 (Luebeck, Germany)
Olympic Gala 2005 (Gent, Belgium)
Virginia International Tatoo 2004 (Military Festival, Virginia, USA)
Gymgala-Tour Netherlands 2003
National Gymnastic Federation - "GYMMOTION" 2002, Show-Tour Germany
Worldgymnastrada 1999 (Gothemburg, Sweden)
Several Galas / Shows in Europe, Brasil, USA, Japan

Circus , Dinner & Cabaret Shows:
Casino Show “Hot Legs” – 2 weeks solo act Casino du Liban (Lebanon) 2009
Casino Show “Visions” – 12 months solo act Casino Estoril (Portugal) 2008 – 2009
Les Grandes Ballets du Music Halls, Cabaret Show – solo act, France Tour 2008
Paris Can Can, Cabaret Show  - Park Avenue Productions - solo act, Korea (Seoul) 2006
Paris Can Can, Cabaret Show  - Park Avenue Productions - solo act, Poland Tour 2006
Paris Can Can, Cabaret Show  - Park Avenue Productions - solo act, France Tour 2003
Water Circus “H2O” - Compagnie d' O - solo act, European Tour - Netherlands 2003
Circus-Musical Show “Eclipse” - 6 months solo act, Blackpool (England) 2000, 2005

3-times-woldchampion 2007 Salzburg, Austria
German Team Champion 2006
German Team Champion 2007
German Champion 2006
Winner of both World - Team Cups 2006
4-times worldchampion 2005 Buettgenbach, Belgium
2nd Worldchampionships 1995
German Champion 1995
2nd European Championships 1994