German Event Presenter

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German Event Presenter
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A charismatic emcee and professionally prepared host fluent in German and English

  • Has specialised in technical and complex topics which he always explains in an understandable manner

  • A versatile and eloquent event host who will always keep audiences engaged with his enthusiasm and charm

  • Has experience as a moderator in TV, radio, Internet, which makes him the ideal to host any type of event or TV show

  • Our talented German Event Presenter is available for bookings in Germany and worldwide

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If you’re looking for a professionally prepared presenter to host your upcoming event, then our German Event Presenter is definitely an option to consider. This charismatic emcee is a versatile and eloquent speaker who will ensure your event runs smoothly and your guests feel at ease and feel comfortable enough to participate.  

This event host has experience both at live events and in front of the camera. He has also worked as a radio presenter and has online experience as a spokesperson for renowned brands such as Bosch, Busch-Jaeger and UVEX. Also a devoted actor, he has lent his voice to various TV series and films.

As a moderartor, this bilingual male presenter has specialised in technical and complex topics. This professional prepared host makes sure to make an in-depth analysis of your event or business to ensure he can transmit your message, regardless of its complexity, in an understandable manner.

Fluent in both German and English, this presenter can switch easily between the two and connect with people from different nationalities. Our emcee will captivate audiences not only with his friendly personality, but also because he always talks very enthusiastically about any topic, which guarantees to keep audiences engaged and excited.

This talented event host has plenty of experience presenting events of different types. He has been in charge of the smooth running of events, fairs and galas such as the Award Ceremony of the Planpiel Borse, the Light and Building Frankfurt Fair and DEGEWO Tenant Festival, to name but a few.

At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves in providing talented and professional emcees for events, galas, festivals and events of all sorts all around the world.

If our fantastic German Event Presenter seems like the perfect host for your occasion, get in touch with our team of entertainment coordinators and make an enquiry. They’ll be happy to advise you and guide you through the booking process.