Futuristic Mirror Dancers

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Futuristic Mirror Dancers
Reasons to book this Futuristic Dance Show
  • Fantastical and unique dance show with amazing Knight-like characters with fully mirrored suits

  • Includes a three-meter high light construction that rotates and illuminates the stage and performers

  • Eight mirrored dancers created a visually captivating show like you’ve never seen before

  • Great for themed events, public exhibitions, corporate parties and special occasions

  • Based in Saint Petersburg and available for events all over the world

Futuristic Mirror Dancers videos

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If you want to entertain your guests with a fantastically unique stage show, our Futuristic Mirror Dancers might just be the act you are looking for. Resembling space age Centurions, silver-clad gladiators or futuristic knights, they deliver a majestic theatrical dance show with regal connotations and notions of a futuristic other realm. 

Our Futuristic Mirror Dancers deliver a frankly astonishing dance show that makes the most of their futuristic knights influenced costumes. The Futuristic Mirror Dancers are dressed head to toe in mirrored polished silver costumes and have rather magnificent headpieces. Looming as if they are from another ear or another dimension, the futuristic knights’ outfits reflect all the colours of the stage lighting and glisten as they perform their stunningly unique stage show. 

Featuring a cast of eight dancers, this futuristic dance show is an epic large-scale production intended for large venues and high-end events. At the centre of this unique stage show is a three-meter high light construction that rotates and illuminates the stage creating mirror reflections on the dancers working similar to a disco ball. 

The Futuristic Mirror Dancers have choreographed a performance that showcases the stunning costumes and fluctuates between synchronised patterns and individual acts with mesmerising LED props. Their futuristic dance show is highly impressive to watch and very suited to themed events, public exhibitions, corporate parties and special occasions.

Contact us if our Futuristic Mirror Dancers have caught your eye. Our team at Scarlett Entertainment will make all the necessary arrangements for their futuristic dance show to be performed at your event.