Futuristic Female Dancers

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Futuristic Female Dancers
Reasons to book this Unique Act
  • Incredible robotic looking female sci-fi dancers

  • Dancers have in-built LED lighting and use specialist props

  • Superb costumes take inspiration from the likes of Tron

  • A perfect act for futuristic, sci-fi or electronic music events

  • Based in Moscow and available for events worldwide

Futuristic Female Dancers videos

Futuristic Female Dancers photos

Taking inspiration from multiple science fiction sources including the iconic Tron characters and even the sassiness of Catwoman’s lycra costume, our superb futuristic female dancers will blow your guests away with their astonishing, out-of-this-world costumes and highly visual dance routines.  

These sci-fi characters come dressed in incredible, custom made costumes. The dark coloured costumes feature in-built LED lighting that turn the future themed dancers into a visual delight. This is totally unique act and the cyber women look like they are part of a high budget blockbuster movie or just stepped off a spaceship. 

The futuristic female dancers create bespoke and specially choreographed dance routines especially tailored to the event they are booked for. The unique act is made even more mesmerising with the use of special sabre-like props called buugeng. 

Based in Moscow, Russia, the futuristic female dancers have performed at variety of events including nightclubs and festivals. These top of the range sci-fi characters are perfectly suited to any type of future themed events, parties or functions and electronic music performances. The cyber women can also be used booked for corporate events and as dramatic entertainment for product launches. Check the video above to see them performing at a gala dinner. 

If you really want to WOW your guests with a future themed unique act, then the futuristic female dancers are going to be a great choice.

Contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment to book these superb dancers.