Futuristic Dancers

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Futuristic Dancers
Reasons to book this Light Show
  • Astonishing sci-fi costumes are a work of art in themselves

  • State of the art lighting technology syncs the costumes together

  • Eye catching act is perfect for futuristic, sci-fi or electronic music events

  • Can perform in any location, however, the darker the better

  • Based in Moscow and available worldwide

Futuristic Dancers videos

Futuristic Dancers photos

Inspired by science fiction and the works of Polish author Stanisław Lem, our fantastic futuristic dancers are totally astonishing sci-fi characters. They deliver perfectly choreographed dance routines synchronised with their incredible light show. The fascinating futuristic dancers look like they have just stepped off the set of a high budget blockbuster movie and they are guaranteed to turn every single head in whatever room their in. 

Our futuristic dancers are very dramatic in appearance and feature some of the most visually captivating costumes you are likely to come across. Using state of the art technology, the lights in our sci-fi characters’ costumes can be pre-programmed to sync with each other and to the music. The result is a totally mesmerising and exuberant light show likely to dazzle any audience. 

This is a totally unique act that not only delivers a brilliant light show combined with a contemporary dance and extravagant costumes. They are very flexible when it comes to where they perform and offer their services as exceptional walkabout characters. 

Based in Moscow, Russia and having performed at a wide variety of events such as exhibitions, nightclubs and festivals these stunning sci-fi characters are exceptionally well suited to any future themed events, parties or functions. They can be used to wow clients at corporate events and as a powerful marketing tool for product launches.

If you are looking to WOW your guests with a future themed unique act, then the futuristic dancers are going to be your best choice.

Contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment to book these magnificent dancers.