Fruit And Vegetable Carving

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Fruit And Vegetable Carving
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Talented fruit and vegetable carver will amaze guests with his colourful and intricate carvings

  • Amazing food sculptures make an appealing and mouth watering attraction that looks and tastes great!

  • Customized live food art perfect for weddings and special occasions, or for themed events like Halloween and Christmas

  • Fruit carver runs worships to teach your guests how to make their own wonderful fruit and vegetable sculptures

  • Live event artist available for workshops and events across India

Fruit And Vegetable Carving photos

Book this incredible fruit and vegetable carving chef to bring his colourful and mouth watering artwork to your event. This amazing fruit carver is perfect for bringing dazzling and delicious artwork to any event, wedding, special occasion or private party. Guests will be amazed at the skill and dexterity needed to carve such beautiful and intricate food sculptures and patterns out of fruit and vegetables. Our live event artist can create his stunning works of art before your eyes, carving incredible and tailor made designs into fruit and veg of all kinds. And the best part is that all his live food art creations are fully edible and absolutely delicious!

This talented chef and fruit carver is widely recognised as one of the leading food artists in India. His talents have been proven time and time again by creating breath taking displays for events and competitions all over the country. His live food art makes a brilliant personalised art installation at weddings, birthday, christenings or other special occasions and out talented chef will work with you to create tailor made and attractive designs. His food sculptures are also perfect for themed occasions like Halloween and Christmas, where a display of hand carved sculptures would really add to any event or party.

This gifted chef is also an acclaimed teacher and has taught workshops on fruit and vegetable carving at art colleges, hotel chains and major food companies throughout India and has even ran classes for the Indian Navy! His workshops will give your guests the chance to learn a fun new skill and create some delicious fruit and veg masterpieces of their very own. For a bespoke and unique live event artist to create colourful and tasty sculptures to liven up the buffet table at your event, book our amazing fruit carver.

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