Freestyle Sax Player

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Freestyle Sax Player
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Adaptable Sax Player with Soul, adds interest and energy to any party

  • Weaves his melodic magic with an intuitive feel for music

  • Adds a unique element to any party event from weddings and private parties

  • Is know for his great ability to adapt and freestyle to any DJ's set

  • Based in Manchester and available to play at events worldwide

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This live sax performer can put a unique stamp on tracks like no other, freestyling alongside with whatever the DJ is playing - adaptability is one of his key strengths.

Al has a soulful tone and has developed his skills from playing a range of different styles of music, always leaving his crowd's wanting more.

He plays alongside house music all night long, experienced in a wide range of musical styles from funk and disco to R&B and soul, Al weaves his melodic magic with an intuitive feel for dance music to raise the temperature of any party he plays at.

He adds a unique element to any party and has played at a number of clubs, bars, restaurants, weddings and parties all over the world.

Cream Tour,
Hed Kandi,
Flow- Amman,

"When Al is on the lineup you know its gonna be a great night, his experience and extensive knowledge of music shines through when he plays, the guy is a true musician and to top it off he is a great guy and a joy to work with. Guaranteed to enhance the night 10 fold!"

Curtis Gabriel - DJ and Artist

"Al's improvisations are always exciting and create a great atmosphere! DJing with him is always a pleasure, as he finds that perfect balance between playing to the crowd and letting the music do the talking."

Chris Shaw - DJ

"The most versatile and adaptable musician I've worked with. Adds interest and energy to my sets and even occasionally gets sax train going on the dance floor."

Tim Wright - DJ