Freestanding Aerial Mermaid Act

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Freestanding Aerial Mermaid Act
Reasons to book this Under The Sea Themed Aerial Show
  • Stunning aerial mermaids perform on the UK’s first ever freestanding aerial anchor

  • Innovative freestanding aerial prop can pop-up for a performance anywhere

  • Ideal for fans of mermaids or an act for a nautical, pirate or under the sea themed event

  • Choose of one or two mermaids for the perfect sea themed aerial show

  • Based in London, the aerial mermaids are available for any event across the seven seas

Freestanding Aerial Mermaid Act photos

Fresh from the sea, our stunning aerial mermaids deliver an under the sea themed aerial show on a whole new scale and they’re a real good catch. Perched upon the UK’s first ever giant freestanding aerial anchor, our Freestanding Aerial Mermaid Act Is a guaranteed focal point for any event and will add a touch of fantasy.

The aerial mermaids perform on an innovative freestanding aerial anchor which is the first of its kind in the UK. This magnificent prop is shaped like an anchor and can pop-up in location for a stunning under the sea themed aerial show without the need to be hung from the ceiling. 

Our Freestanding Aerial Mermaid Act is a fascinating attraction and add-on to any under the sea themed party and showcases two stunning acrobatic sirens. Clients can choose to have one or two aerial mermaids, both with beautiful glistening blue and teal costumes complete with stunning tails and fancy headpieces. These legendary sea nymphs appear to swim and dive around the anchor, displaying amazing strength, flexibility, grace and effortlessly seduce your guests with their aerial show.

Whether you love mermaids or looking for an act for your nautical, pirate or under the sea themed event, this aerial show is guaranteed to impress. Not only will you have the wonderful aerial mermaids but the fantastic freestanding aerial anchor can be an aptly themed prop as part of your decor. 

To take the plunge and book our Freestanding Aerial Mermaid Act for your event, contact us at Scarlett Entertainment.