Fortune Teller Enchantress

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Fortune Teller Enchantress
Reasons to book this Fortune Teller Enchantress
  • Fortune Teller Enchantress reveals the mysteries of the world and gives you answers to the questions to seek

  • Connecting with the world’s energies our Los Angeles fortune tellers strike a chord with all guests and are an instant hit

  • Our enchantresses give your guests an insight into themselves and their own dreams

  • Perfect for halloween entertainment, hen parties, cocktail hours, product launches and more

  • Based in Los Angeles USA and available for worldwide bookings

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Look into the future whilst connecting with the past and present with our Fortune Teller Enchantress. Revealing the mysteries of the world our Los Angeles fortune tellers connect with the world’s energies to provide you and your guests with insights into the questions you want answering. 

The perfect Halloween entertainment our Los Angeles Fortune Teller boasts a range of spooky entertainment options that are guaranteed to excite guests and get everyone talking. These mystical Fortune Teller Enchantresses provide insight into your guests character and their own dreams and leave every attendee feeling more in tune with themselves. 

Fortune telling for guidance and entertainment is a practice that dates back to Viking and Egyptian cards and were immensely popular back then.  Centuries on and tarot reading and fortune telling is still widely practiced and is a fantastic entertainment option for any event whether it be for Halloween entertainment, cocktail parties, hen dos or product launches. 

Our Los Angeles tarot card readers bring intrigue, mystery and enlightenment to your guests and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression at your event. 

Readings available are: 

  • Tarot Card Readings
  • Halloween Spirit Card Readings
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Ancient Viking Rune Readings
  • Mystical Mermaid Readings

Our Fortune Teller Enchantress can also dress up to suit the tone of your event whether it be cocktail attire, white BoHo / beachy casual wear, Gothic black clothing, or one of their gypsy / exotic lands themed costumes.

Our Los Angeles Tarot Card Reader focuses on the positive and engaging qualities of a question and does not offer insight, guidance or fortunes relating to death, illness, divorce, or diagnosis of ailments. 

Most party fortune readings are focused on one specific question or worry from a guest such as romance, career, money, family concerns, goals, etc and do not replace the professional guidance of medical or mental health professionals.

If you are interested in more fantasy characters for your event, visit our Medieval Knight Characters page.

To book our Fortune Teller Enchantress or for more information about Halloween entertainment and tarot card readings, contact our helpful team of Entertainment Specialists.