Football Juggler Belgium

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Football Juggler Belgium
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Talented and engaging football juggling act will impress audiences worldwide.

  • Unique football juggler combines juggling and balancing tricks into an exciting routine that’s full of surprises.

  • Our charismatic performer brings a comedic touch to his circus act to get audiences laughing and smiling.

  • Experienced juggling act has performed with major international circus troupes and his street performances are immensely popular.

  • Extraordinary circus entertainment available for events, festivals and circuses worldwide.

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Book this talented and entertaining football juggler for a stunning and vibrant performance at your event. Our skilled and charismatic juggler promises to be one of the most exciting juggling acts you’ve ever seen with his extraordinary talents. Guests at any event, party, circus or variety show will be dazzled by this mesmerising football juggling act. Our talented performer uses footballs and other props to create an exciting and varied circus act that combines juggling and balancing skills with the rhythm and flair of a dance routine and the comedy and timing of a natural born circus star. His extraordinary talents have been put to excellent use in popular street performances and tours with renowned international circus troupes around the world. For the ultimate in exciting and fun filled circus entertainment in Belgium and around the world look no further than this brilliant football juggler.

Our incredible football juggler has performed his amazing routine around the world and amazed adults and children alike with his skills and charm. This unique juggling act combines traditional juggling with football balancing skills and tricks to create a modern and impressive performance. Our incredible juggler will perform such amazing tricks as juggling one handed while spinning a ball on his finger, or balancing balls behind his head or even juggling with his feet! This natural showman also incorporates comedy into his routine and his natural charisma is sure to get the audience laughing. This circus act even includes such surprises as juggling ping pong balls and catching them in his mouth! For hilarious and eye catching circus entertainment this football juggling act is a sure winner.

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