Football Freestyler Nikola

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Football Freestyler Nikola
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Currently #3 in Europe and one of the World's top freestylers

  • Combines high energy skills, amazing physical feats & great music

  • Reached the semi-finals of TV show Serbia's Got Talent

  • Previous clients include Red Bull, Nike, Adidas, Sport Vision...

  • Based in Serbia and available to perform at events worldwide

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Serbia based Football Freestyler Nikola is a young and talented artist that is making waves in the field of sports entertainment. Defining what football freestyling is, he says that "it is the art of expressing yourself with a football, while performing various tricks with any part of the body." This definition very neatly captures what this guy is about. He is a passionate artist, with football as his medium, and the field - his canvass. He expresses himself using swift movements and uncanny combinations.

He is currently busy with shows and performances around Serbia and in Europe. He has travelled to countries like Italy, Hungary and Croatia to showcase his skills in freestyle football. He is a frequent entertainer in corporate events, product launches, sports events, and outdoor shows. Given his talent and expertise in football freestyling, this young gentleman is sure to make even greater waves in the future.

Nikola's breathtaking show combines high energy skills, amazing physical feats and great sounding music for that guaranteed WOW factor. It's perfect for every single type of event.

Red Bull
Sport Vision
Futsal fest
NTO Serbia
MBK Production
Skala team
And many more...