Football Freestyler Brothers

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Football Freestyler Brothers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A football freestyler duo and Double Routine World Champions stun and amaze audiences all over the world with their intricate routines and tricks

  • Known as the worlds most skilful football freestyle duo

  • Over 7 years of experience performing in front of large crowds and for advertising/promotional campaigns

  • These sports entertainers have achieved titles such as World Champion, European Champion, Scandinavian Champion, 1st in the world and many more

  • Based in Oslo Norway and available for worldwide bookings

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The ultimate freestyle duo, these brothers are known as the worlds most skilful football freestyle duo as they perform intricate tricks stunts and partner work in succinct and flawless routines. The ultimate sports entertainers for any occasion that desires world class athletes.

Having performed as football freestylers for over seven years this duo have achieved an incredible amount from such a young age as collectively they have achieved 1st place in the World Championship, 2nd place in the European Championship, World Champion, Norwegian Champion, European Champion, Ranked as first in the world, World Champion in Show Flow, Scandinavian Champion, Top 6 in Europe and many more impressive titles and achievements.

With the youngest brother being named the youngest person to be World Champion in the history of freestyle football he is widely considered to be the biggest name in the future of the sport. Not only that but his older brother and second half of the dynamic duo, is the Scandinavian Champion as well as winning a multitude of different competitions with his phenomenal talents.

In addition to their remarkable individual achievements our football freestylers are also World Champions in the doubles category for their flawless routines and incredible tricks.

With a unique style of explosive and rapid movements combined with upbeat musical choreography this duo offer the full package with their dynamic and gripping freestyle routine that stun audiences worldwide.

Having travelled to 20 different countries these football freestyler brothers can tailor their performances to suit the type of event perfectly whether it be for scene shows, football event, shopping mall, private party, advert, promotional event or PR stunt. The possibilities of what this football duo can do are endless.

To book our football freestyler brothers or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.

Together (pair-competition):

1. place in World Championship, 2016
3. place in World Championship, 2015 and 2013
2. place in European Championship, 2013
Top 15 in Norwegians got talent, 2012


World Champion, 2016
European Champion, 2016
Norwegian Champion, 2016
Ranked as 1st in the world, 2016
Ranked as 3rd in the world, 2015
World Champion in "Show Flow", 2015-2016
2. place in World Championship, 2015
3. place in World Championship, 2014


Scandinavian Champion, 2016
Ranked as 3rd in the world, 2016
4. place in World Championship, 2016
3. place in Europen Championship, 2016
2. place in Norwegian Championship, 2016
2. place in European Championship «Sick Three» 2015
Top 6 in Europe, 2015
8. place in World Championship, 2013