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Folk Music Sweden
Reasons to book this ACT
  • World's leading traditional player of the modern chromatic nyckelharpa

  • Awarded the Zorn Gold Medal - recognising excellence in folk

  • Performed on Swedish TV numerous occasions & folk festivals worldwide

  • Repertoire spans traditional to contemporary folk

  • Based in Sweden & available to perform at events worldwide

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Peter is considered Sweden’s leading traditional player of the modern chromatic nyckelharpa, having won the title World Champion twice. He earned the Zorn silver medal and the designation Riksspelman - Fiddler of the Realm - while still in his teens (1975) and he was awarded Sweden’s most prestigious award recognising distinction and excellence in folk music, the Zorn Gold Medal, 2010.

Peter and his nyckelharpa are a commanding presence whilst in the act of bringing forth music. Pure magic. His music is a powerful example of continuation - an unbroked thread linking past, present and future.

Peter's technique is unsurpassed. His exceedingly precise playing is characterized by deep murmuring tones, liquid cascades of ornaments and flourishes and gives the uncanny perception that there is more than one of him playing at once.

Justly proud of his position in the realm of Swedish traditional music, Peter is gradually expanding the horizons of nyckelharpa expression. Peter, true to tradition, also "makes" tunes, which are quickly gaining favor among today's nyckelharpa players. Neglected and almost forgotten by the 1940s and 50s, the modern chromatic nyckelharpa is blossoming as never before both in Sweden and elsewhere, especially the USA and Japan.

Royal Wedding 1976
National Radio Symphony Orchestra
Swedish TV, numerous occasions
Falun Folk Music Festival
Korro Folkmusikfestival
Halsinge Hambo
Stammas all over Sweden
Fordefestivalen, Norway
Scandinavian Folk Fest, Jamestown NY
Great Lakes Folk Fest, East Lansing, MI
Champlain Valley Folk Festival, VT
Norsk Hostfest, Minot, ND
Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, KY
Minstrel Coffe House NJ
Heartland Hayride, NJ

"If anyone is going to come close to grabbing what little acclaim there is to playing the [nyckelharpa], it's Peter.  His technique is confident, his tone and phrasing sure-footed."
Roots World

"Just pure nyckel-harpa playing by an excellent musician in an excellent aural space."
CD Roots

"The Music has great intensity and energy while remanining strongly based in the traditional music arena."
Radio 2MCE FM, Australia

"This is sure the REAL THING!!!  Wonderful!  This is like classical music!!  VERY cool... Something REALLY different... TOTALLY my taste!!"
Lord Litter, Germany

"Once in a while a virtuso comes along with his instrument ablaze!"

"Peter is an accomplished musician who is also exceptionally skilled at sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with his audiences."
Champlain Valley, Folk Festival

"Peter has a great touch for making his own tunes... some sounding even older than the trad tunes."
Fiddler Magazine