Flower Themed Stilt Walkers

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Flower Themed Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this enchanted garden entertainment
  • Our Flower Themed Stilt Walkers will take you into a fairytale world

  • This enchanted garden entertainment blends seamlessly with decor for the most dramatic flower displays you've ever seen!

  • Add fairy wings or lights to this summer entertainment to take you from day to night

  • A beautiful flower walkabout deal for elegant, classy events such as weddings, balls and parties as well as fetes, festivals and garden parties

  • Based in Suffolk, UK, our flower stilt artists are available to perform at events internationally

Flower Themed Stilt Walkers videos

Flower Themed Stilt Walkers photos

Exquisitely costumed, our Flower Themed Stilt Walkers offer stunning summer entertainment for occasions that require beauty, impact and elegance. Our magical flower stilts artists are bedecked in scented silk flowers and crowned with highly realistic branches that sway in the breeze.

Enchant your guests with the most dramatic living flower displays they've ever seen! So realistic that some guests believe our flower walkabout's petals are real even after they've touched them, our flower walkabout is often asked if they've been freshly picked. These breathtakingly beautiful flower stilt artists will leave your guests spellbound. Perfect for flower shows, parades or corporate product launches, our summer entertainment duo entice guests with mesmerising movements and never-seen-before costumes. 

Entertainment and decoration combined, our flower walkabout offers living and moving sculptures of flowers, letting you bring nature to indoor venues or a touch of magic to outdoor spaces. Both adults and children alike find this enchanted garden entertainment magical. 

Our sophisticated flower stilt artists would also be ideal for classy, elegant affairs such as luxury weddings and black tie balls.

To bring a touch of summer entertainment to your event (whatever the time of year!) and to turn fantasy into reality, this stunning act is certain to create a decadent, beautiful and magical ambience.

Top Tip:

Fairytale theme? Our enchanted garden entertainment duo can add fairy wings. Night time event? they can also fill their costumes with lights for a beautiful twinkling display. Whatever it takes to give you the perfect, magical ambience for your event.

To book our Flower Themed Stilt Walkers, get in touch with our team. Or discover more summer entertainment on our roster.

"Many guests were intrigued and impressed with the pair, with lots of people stopping to take photos of them... exactly the impression we were hoping to make... The stilt-walkers themselves were punctual, friendly, and highly professional"

Zara Milner, St John's College May Ball, University of Cambridge, UK