Flower Fan Dancers

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Flower Fan Dancers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Our mix and mingle dancers flutter with silk fan veils and swirling skirts

  • With highly realistic scented silk flowers, this summer themed entertainment look like they’ve danced their way out of a fairy tale

  • Perfect as parade dancers, for meet and greet, roaming and more

  • Beautiful in day light and night time alike, these flowery mix and mingle dancers bring joy to all audiences

  • Based in Suffolk, UK, our Flower Fan Dancers are available for international bookings

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A stunning option for all kinds of summer themed entertainment, our Flower Fan Dancers bring fairy tale charm to your event. 

Highly versatile they work wonderfully as mix and mingle dancers, parade dancers, for meet and greet, ambient entertainment, photo opportunities and more. 

Fluttering across your venue with a twirl of silk veil fans and swirling skirts, these beautiful flower themed dancers are sure to bring joy and lift the spirits wherever they play. 

With costumes adorned with highly realistic and scented silk flowers from head to toe, our mix and mingle dancers create a beautiful light summery scent as they perform. Colourful and vibrant, their stunning costumes mix entertainment with décor and act as a head-turning talking point for guests.

Fantastic as parade dancers, mix and mingle dancers, meet and greet entertainment, photo opportunities and more, our flower themed dancers will happily interact with guests, pose for pictures and spread fun and laughter as they spin and twirl. 

Beautiful in daylight and night time alike, these flowery sprites bring joy to everyone from the youngest child to the most sophisticated adult.

Top Tip

With up to three dancers available, choose this act to be performed by a duo or trio. Why not combine with more of our flower themed performers? This act works beautifully with our Flower Themed Stilt Walkers for double the impact.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of summer themed entertainment for events in the UK, Europe, US, Middle East and beyond. Looking for mix and mingle dancers for your event? Discover more of our parade dancers and roaming acts

To book our exquisite Flower Fan Dancers to perform at your next special occasion, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts who’ll be happy to assist you with your summer themed entertainment queries.