Floating Stage Performers

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Floating Stage Performers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Our idyllic Floating Stage Performers give high end acrobatic performances a new spin

  • The ultimate pool party entertainment, our floating stage can be used for duo and trio performances as well as a staging area for mythical creatures such as mermaids to perch on

  • Guaranteed to impress your guests and create an ambient tone our Floating Stage is the ultimate water act

  • Perfect for pool parties, grand openings, cocktail hours, private functions and any event with a pool

  • Based in California and available for worldwide bookings

Floating Stage Performers photos

Guaranteed to impress your guests and create an ambient tone these Floating Stage Performers boast the ultimate pool party entertainment as they perform outstanding displays of acrobatics whilst floating on water. 

A water act overflowing with style and grace our Floating Stage Performers create a magnificent ambience with their performances and make for quite the focal point at all occasions. 

Performing exceptional stunts and acrobatic routines our event acrobats are perfect for pool party entertainment as well as corporate events, private parties, cocktail hours, brand launches and any occasion that has a pool to accommodate these stunning performers. 

In addition to providing ambient performances from atop of their floating stage our water act can also become host to the perfect perch for mythical creatures such as mermaids and mermen. If you are looking for a water act to tie in with an under the sea theme or mythical creature theme then our floating stage boasts the perfect addition to your event and can be a striking focal point for mermaid performers to pose for photos, interact with guests and help set the scene. 

Top Tip:

Our Floating Stage Performers can be booked as a duo or trio and are guaranteed to demand all eyes on them as they perform highly advanced acrobatic routines, creating stunning shapes with their bodies and relying on one another for balance. 

The ultimate pool party entertainment that can be completely customised to suit all themes and events our Floating Stage Performers offer ambient entertainment that is designed specifically to your event.

To explore more under the sea themed entertainment options that can be booked to perform on our floating stage head over to our Themed Entertainment section and click Under the Sea and Beach Themed. 

To book our Floating Stage Performers or for more information about hiring water acts, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.