Floating Head Dance Act

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Floating Head Dance Act
Reasons to book this ACT
  • UV heads float around the stage and interact on dancers’ bodies

  • Blacklight highlights the colours of UV paint

  • Black bodysuits conceal the dancers’ bodies in the darkness

  • Mesmerising show will stun and inspire with colour and darkness

  • UK-based act available for bookings worldwide

Floating Head Dance Act videos

Floating Head Dance Act photos

Book our mesmerising UV dance show for an amazing floating heads experience. This UK dance act use ultra-violet paint in a room of total darkness to create a blacklight dance that will take your breath away.

Due to our ability to suspend disbelief, we see colourful heads moving around the stage in a magical manner and creating narratives that move and astonish us. We don’t see the dancers’ bodies in black costumes, against a black background and with the lights off, but we are able to appreciate the high level of skill necessary for these heads to move so mysteriously.

The heads are painted in UV paint patterns that have a range of connotations for each of us. Whether it’s tribal warpaint, characters from fairytales or animal stripes - or all of them - they are hugely evocative and come together to offer a beguiling sensation. The three floating heads dance with each other and move in sequence, and other, smaller objects painted on the hands of the dancers ethereally float into view.

The choreography that has gone into creating such a magical sensation is considerable and will leave you scratching your head. Certainly, this dance act offers wow factor entertainment for audiences of any age or nationality. 

Perfect for events where you want to create a powerful and immediate effect, this act can speak to audiences in corporate and artistic sectors alike. Provide a powerful end to your conference that is truly evocative, or present this act as part of an arts festival to get audiences inspired by the possibilities of dance and darkness!

The group also offer a range of similar UV and dance acts. This UK dance troupe have won awards and are available to perform worldwide.

To book the blacklight dance act, contact our dedicated entertainment professionals today. 

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