Flamenco Show Spain

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Flamenco Show Spain
Reasons to book this flamenco dance show
  • The perfect fusion of live flamenco music and traditional choreographies with a contemporary twist

  • Performed by an energetic flamenco dance troupe and musicians like Spanish guitarists and singers, among others

  • Dancers and musicians can create bespoke flamenco dance shows especially for your occasion

  • The perfect Spanish themed entertainment option for theatres, corporate and cultural events and themed occasions

  • This Flamenco Show is available for bookings in Spain and all over the world

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If you’re thinking about booking Spanish themed entertainment for your upcoming event, then look no further. This Flamenco Show combines live flamenco music with traditional and contemporary dances, the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity.

Our flamenco dance troupe consists of both experienced male and female dancers. Passionate and creative, they can create bespoke flamenco dance shows especially for your occasion. They can perform either traditional shows or performances that merges tradition with modern sounds and styles.

Our performers’ on-stage chemistry, magnetism and powerful stage presence are truly captivating. They are genuinely passionate about flamenco and they always transmit the sorrow and intense feelings that chatacterise this dance style.

Dressed in majestic long-tailed flamenco dresses and traditional black matador suits, our dancers will step onto the stage with energy and determination. Accompanied by live flamenco music played by Spanish guitarists, flamenco box players and singers, among others, this flamenco dance troupe will perform dramatic tap dance choreographies that audiences won’t help but love and applaud enthusiastically.

This flamenco dance show is the ideal Spanish themed entertainment for a wide range of events. From corporate and cultural events to theatres and themed occasions, our flamenco dance troupe is guaranteed to be an instant hit at any celebration.

Top Tip:

Check our All-female Flamenco Group and Flamenco Dance Troupe pages if you would like to see other lineup options. 

At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing Flamenco Dance Shows for occasions in Spain and all over the world.

To book this wonderful Flamenco Show from Spain, don’t hesitate to contact us today and make an enquiry. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Specialists will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about our sensational flamenco dance troupe and our live musicians and assist you in the booking process.