Flamenco Laser Show

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Flamenco Laser Show
Reasons to book this flamenco dance performance
  • Our talented flamenco dancers perform a fusion of popular Spanish dances with a state of the art laser show

  • Exquisite flamenco choreography is carefully timed with music, lights and lasers or thrilling live dance entertainment

  • Rousing Spanish music with a strong beat and influence from electronic music delivers a contemporary show

  • Uplifting flamenco dance performance is perfect for after dinner shows, cruise ships, themed events, corporate entertainment and more

  • Based in Barcelona, Spain, our Flamenco Laser Show is available nationwide

Flamenco Laser Show videos

Flamenco Laser Show photos

Bringing a fusion of traditional Spanish dances bang up to date, our Flamenco Laser Show offers an exciting and impressive Flamenco dance performance guaranteed to be a hit with all audiences. 

With a sublime combination of the best Spanish music, talented flamenco dancers, and head-turning costumes, this show offers dynamic live dance entertainment perfect for a range of events and occasions.

Against a rousing background of visually impressive lights and moving coloured lasers, our professional flamenco dancers perform exquisite choreography carefully coordinated in time with the music. 

A state of the art laser show, this exciting and contemporary take on traditional Spanish dances will thrill audiences with a dazzling display of sweeping light, colour and laser beams. 

Watch as the flamenco dancers’ stage is set alight with a wash of spinning laser fans in green, purple and red, creating a vibrant backdrop for their choreography. Tracking across the stage and sweeping vertically up and down, the light catches smoke from smoke machines, creating shapes which cast like clouds to create an atmospheric setting. 

Dressed in form-fitting red dresses with full skirts, our female flamenco dancers spin, tap and whirl across the stage as their costumes splay out and whoosh about their bodies. Lead by strong partners in smart black outfits with scarlet sashes, our three couples create an electrifying spectacle as they perform steps from customary Spanish dances.   

A fantastic flamenco dance performance with a contemporary edge, our flamenco dancers are perfect for live dance entertainment at private parties, themed events, on cruise ships, and for corporate entertaining. 

Discover more Spanish dances performed by additional dancers and artists on our roster of Spanish-themed acts.

To book this scintillating live dance entertainment, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts and ask about our Flamenco Laser Show.