Fire & Water Drumming Show

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Fire & Water Drumming Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Stunning percussionists skilled in drumming and fire wielding

  • Incredible drumming show featuring a variety of different percussion arrangements

  • Fantastic fire drummers perform together to create a daring music show

  • Perfect unique percussion for private parties, weddings, corporate functions, club shows, etc

  • Water drummers available for booking throughout the Netherlands and worldwide

Fire & Water Drumming Show videos

Fire & Water Drumming Show photos

Our fantastic male percussionists are bound to be a big hit with your guests at your upcoming special event or social gathering, as our brilliant and talented fire drummers provide an outstanding live drumming show experience with uniquely created drum sets and stick. Providing live music entertainment that can be enjoyed by everyone, our skilled water drummers will create an amazing stress free atmosphere that is over the top, fun, and will keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout their electrifying performance. Our unique percussion group offers their distinctive drumming and wonderful arrangements, and will surely provide your event with a "wow" factor quality element. 

Our drumming show is a 15 minute, over the top show that features elements of water, fire, and energetic backing tracks as well as showcases our 3 brilliant fire drummers and water drummers! Bound to have mass appeal at your special occasion, our talented percussionists will deliver their large repertoire of percussion arrangements that can be showcased during our drumming show! Creating an epic sounding soundtrack for your special occasion, our unique percussion group are masters at drumming and each has their own unique style and flair, putting a few unique twists on the songs they perform. 

A highly versatile group of percussionists, our unique percussion group are available in a variety of ways that will help your event skyrocket to the top, creating a full and wild musical experience that will keep your guests on their feet and rocking out with our percussionists. Our fire drummers can perform at any size events, and is the ideal option for private parties, weddings, festivals, club shows, receptions, gala dinners, and more.

Contact any of our amazing Scarlett Entertainment team members if you are interested in booking our wonderful and sensational percussionists for your upcoming special event or social gathering.