Fire & Poi Performer

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Fire & Poi Performer
Reasons to book this circus performer
  • Multi-talented circus performer specialised in various disciplines including fire, poi and contact juggling

  • In-demand LED poi dancer easily adjusts her poi to incorporate any logo or branding

  • Fire performances involve visually stunning tricks like fire juggling and fire circles

  • Ideal circus entertainment for product launches, ceremonies, gala dinners, festivals, etc.

  • This Fire and Poi Performer is based in Paris and available for international bookings

Fire & Poi Performer videos

Fire & Poi Performer photos

If you’re wondering if guests at your party would rather be entertained by a juggler, a fire dancer or an LED poi spinner, you must know there’s no need to choose! This multi-talented circus performer is an all-on-one entertainer as she can do it all!

This versatile circus artist has specialised in many different disciplines including fire, contact juggling and poi dancing. Ideal for a wide range of occasions, our artist’s different shows are suitable for a variety of celebrations. As an LED poi dancer, she’s very popular for product launches and corporate entertainment as her LED poi is easily adjustable and can include logos or any other branding.

One of her most popular acts is her tribute to the one and only Charlie Chaplin. Dressed as the famous comedian, our LED poi spinner will perform a visually stunning act that the comic actor’s fans will absolutely love!

As a female contact juggler, our entertainer regularly performs at gala dinners, festivals and other events that require audience interaction. She can roam around your venue or moving from table to table performing with contacting juggling balls and leaving guests at your party speechless with her great agility.

For their part, her fire shows add a stunning visual element to any celebration. Some of her most applauded tricks include spinning circles of fire and juggling with fire torches.

Top Tip:

Our versatile circus entertainer is also a talented musician. Check her Harp Player and Singer page and find out more about her musical performances.

At Scarlet Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing high-end entertainment for events and occasions in Paris, France and all over the world.

If you would like to book this multi-talented Fire and Poi Performer and contact juggler, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our in-house team of Entertainment Experts today. They will be more than happy to provide further details on this multi-talented circus performer and guide you thorough the booking process.