Fire & LED Show Italy

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Fire & LED Show Italy
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Spectacular fire and LED act will amaze guests with stunning and colourful displays

  • Glamorous LED dancer creates a vibrant and mesmerising display of colour and motion

  • Sizzling fire dancer performs a passionate and intense display with a range of flaming props and graceful choreography

  • Has performed all over the world including at prestigious venues like Four Seasons Hotel Florence, Life Club Montecarlo, and Nikki Beach Marrakech

  • Stunning LED act and fire performer based in Italy and available worldwide

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Book this fantastic fire and LED act for a thrilling and elegant spectacle sure to impress guests at any event. Our fantastic fire dancer will create a beautiful and striking performance as she spins and dances while holding spectacular flaming props or glowing LED light displays. Our talented LED dancer performs with a great selection of cutting edge LED props that create a mesmerising swirl of colour and motion for en elegant and colourful display. This fire act is perfect for creating a dramatic and stunning performance at festivals, corporate events, clubs, dinner parties and stage shows and is sure to create an eye catching spectacle that any audience will love. Our LED act is also perfect for combining with other performers to create a vibrant and dynamic show or a memorable accompaniment to live musical performances.

This talented fire dancer has been performing since 2004 and has toured all over the world. Our experienced and professional LED dancer has performed at prestigious venues all over her homeland of Italy and internationally, including well received performances at Four Seasons Hotel Florence, Villa Montalto Florance, Life Club Montecarlo and Nikki Beach Marrakech. 

Our dancers’ stunning fire and LED acts can be performed anywhere with a flat surface and work best against a dark background where her luminous LED hoops and flaming poi create a striking and passionate display. Our dancer can provide her own backing music or work with the other performers at your event to create a spectacular show. For a spectacular LED act and fire act for your hotel, club, event or festival this dynamic and talented dancer is the perfect choice. 

Scarlett Entertainment features a great selection of LED dancers and sizzling fire acts to amaze guests at your events.

Contact our team to book our Fire and LED Show Italy or check out our fantastic range of other acts.

Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte Florence
Four Seasons Hotel Florence
Il Borro di Ferragamo Arezzo
Villa Il Salviatino Florence
Villa Montalto Florence
Life Club Montecarlo
Nikki Beach Marrakech