Fire and Light Poi Show France

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Fire and Light Poi Show France
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible poi spinners will amaze guests with their spellbinding routines

  • Beautiful LED poi spinners create a colourful act to match your event or company branding

  • Intense and dramatic fire spinners create a stunning visual display

  • Fire act can be joined by dancers and other performers for a varied and fun cabaret style show

  • LED act available for weddings, corporate events and parties worldwide

Fire and Light Poi Show France videos

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Hire our incredible poi spinners and bring an eye catching and dramatic performance to your event. Our talented duo are expert poi spinners capable of delivering striking and high impact performance with either fire of LED poi spinners. This LED act creates a beautiful and colourful display perfect for weddings, parties, events, corporate functions and celebrations worldwide. Guests will be amazed by our dramatic fire spinners as they perform their intricate routines with their incredible flaming props. For an incredible fire act or LED act to make a big impression at your event look no further than our talented and professional duo.

Our fiery poi spinners are the perfect addition to any night of entertainment and are sure to create a dramatic and visually stunning show. Our vibrant LED poi spinners will deliver an electrifying LED act as their cutting edge LED lights change colour in a mesmerising swirl of light and motion. This unique act can even be customized to match the colours or branding of your business or event for the perfect accompaniment to product launches or corporate parties. For a more dramatic and intense show our fire spinners will perform a breath taking fire act that will have audiences on the edge of their seats. This fire act creates a stunning sight performed at outdoor evening events as the striking swirls of fire spin against a dark background but this act is also perfect for indoor and daytime events. For a special added bonus our duo can be joined by additional performers to combine their poi spinners with pole dancing and a range of cabaret acts for a diverse and thrilling highlight to your evening’s entertainment. Book this professional and tailor-made act for your event and give your guests a sensational and eye popping performance. 

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