Female Live Lounge Trio Mexico

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Female Live Lounge Trio Mexico
Reasons to book this Live Lounge Band
  • All girl band with a one of a kind live lounge style and a unique sound

  • They have a range of cover songs in both Spanish and English

  • Features acoustic guitar, bass guitar, a drum machine and vocals

  • Live music that is appealing ago a brand range of audiences

  • Based in Cancún and available for events all over the world

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Give your guests an alternative live music experience with our Female Live Lounge Trio Mexico. This all girl band takes a different approach to live music and delivers a range of unique cover songs. The live lounge band is made up of three talented Argentinian female musicians and are very experienced in a broad range of event types. 

Elegantly cool and extremely charming, our Female Live Lounge Trio Mexico offer stripped back live music that can accommodate any type of audience. With cover songs in both Spanish and English, they rework the music into their own unique style. Armed with just an acoustic guitar, bass guitar and a drum machine, they layer anthemic vocals and harmonies over live lounge style cover songs. Their repertoire spans a wide range of music for throughout the decades and all their cover songs are well known by everyone.

The all girl band is in demand for a wide range of events throughout Mexico. They regularly perform at resorts, festivals and family-friendly events as well as corporate events for clients such as Toyota. Their unique cover songs have made an impression on many clients and are very intriguing for audiences to listen to. This makes the Female Live Lounge Trio Mexico a one-of-a-kind live act that guests always remember. 

The live lounge band has a very small set with barely any equipment meaning they are more versatile than your average cover band. Not limited to only performing on a stage, Female Live Lounge Trio Mexico can play in smaller areas, outdoors and even right beside your guests.

If you would like to book this brilliant all girl band for you live music entertainment, contact us at Scarlett Entertainment.