Female Live Event Painter

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Female Live Painter
Reasons to book this live painter for events
  • Extraordinary live event artist paints pop culture figures and immortalises music legends

  • Makes use of electric colours and patterns to create her paintings to capture the essence of an era

  • Feels comfortable working in front of both small and large audiences and both indoors and outdoors

  • Live event painting and mural event painting is suitable for festivals, concerts, restaurants, pubs, hotels, and many more!

  • This Female Live Painter is based in Atlanta and available for bookings in the US and overseas

Female Live Event Painter videos

Female Live Event Painter photos

Ensure the main topic or concept of your festival or event is immortalised by hiring this Female Live Painter, a talented live event artist who is guaranteed to capture the essence of your special occasion in her paintings.

Our live painter for events is an expert in art and fashion design. Her work has been exhibited in the streets of Atlanta and at numerous halls in Georgia, where she’s originally from. She loves sharing her passion with audiences at live events.

This live event painter is especially interested in painting portraits. She has an evolving collection of historical icons, as you can see in the pictures above. She makes use of electric colours and patterns to create her paintings, providing them with her personality and, as she herself says, ‘capturing the essence of an era’.

Music is this painter’s biggest influence in her artwork. Her passion for music and pop culture makes her the ideal live event painting artist for festivals and concerts. Also a skilled mural painter, this versatile artist is an in-demand mural event painting expert.

With plenty of experience painting live at restaurants, pubs and hotels, this live event artist feels comfortable working in front of both small and large audiences. If you’re looking for a live event painting or mural event painting specialist, then look no further! Our exceptional live event artist will provide your festival, concert or event with the perfect piece of artwork for posterity.

At Scarlett Entertainment, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of live event painting options for a wide range of occasions in the US and worldwide.

Contact our in-house team of Entertainment Experts and enquire about this extraordinary Female Live Painter. Our specialists will be delighted to answer all the questions you may have about live event painting in general and our live painter for events in particular.