Female Harp Player

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Female Harp Player
Reasons to book this Female Harp Player
  • A talented harpist who will delight audiences as a soloist or accompanied by other musicians

  • Over 25 years experience as a professional harp player

  • Repertoire spans the entire classical spectrum from baroque to contemporary composers

  • Award-winning harpist trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Music

  • Based in Denmark and available all over the world

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This wonderful female harpist will delight guests at your upcoming event or celebration with her superb talent and the luscious enchanting sounds of the harp. The harpist's skill with the beautiful classical instruments will not only amaze spectators but fir incredibly well into sophisticated and high end functions.

Our female harp player is available to deliver exquisite live music for a variety of events. The subtle sounds of her harp playing come from a repertoire the spans the entire classical spectrum from baroque to contemporary composers. With both academic and professional experience behind her, she was trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and has performed at numerous festivals and events around Europe.

The multi-award winning harp player has focused her career as a solo harp player and chamber musician for over 25 years but regularly collaborates and performs with other musicians and Danish composers. Her skill with the instrument means she can easily adapt her playing style to fit various music genres. 

As a solo artist or as part of an orchestra, she's guaranteed to captivate audiences with her live music. The female harpist is a brilliant choice for weddings, corporate functions, exhibitions, gala dinners and opening ceremonies all over the world. 

Get in touch with our team of specialists at Scarlett Entertainment who will be more than happy to assist you in booking the female harp player for your next event.

Sample Concertos:

C. Debussy - Profane and Sacred Dance
C. Saint Saens - Concert Piece
G.F Händel - Koncert i B-dur
M. Ravel - Introduction og Allegro
Per Nørgård - King, Queen, Ace
Per Nørgård - Swan Descending
Per Nørgård - Through thorns
WA Mozart - Concerto for flute and harp