Female Diabolo Performer

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Female Diabolo Performer
Reasons to book this Female Diabolo Performer
  • An experienced and talented diabolo artist who performs incredible juggling tricks

  • Visually poetic performance include toss juggling, hat manipulation and other impossible figures

  • Performs a diabolo solo act with effortlessly grace, exquisite elegance and great precision

  • Especially suitable for gala dinners, ceremonies, after dinner experiences, festivals, among others

  • This phenomenal Female Diabolo Performer is based in Berlin and available for worldwide bookings

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If you’re looking for an experienced circus artist specialised in the art of diabolo, then look no further. Our Female Diabolo Performer can execute a show with great elegance and virtuosity, catching the attention of all the attending people at your event.

A record holder and internationally known diabolo performer, this talented diabolo juggler can deliver a show that will captivate audiences and leave them wide-eyed. She can make several diabolos rotate on string and perform impressive diabolo juggling tricks that require great concentration and ability

Our talented diabolo juggler effortlessly swirls the discs through the air and toss juggling with exquisite elegance and great precision. While sitting or standing, this creative juggler will perform a diabolo solo act that will be especially enjoyed by circus lovers.

Her performances have been defined by many as a graceful ballet, as hers is not a common diabolo show. With special gracefulness and delicacy, our diabolo artist provides her acts with a sophisticated touch that has become her identity sign. A unique circus performance full of impossible figures, this diabolo solo act is a spectacle worth witnessing. Some of her impressive juggling tricks also include hat manipulation and club juggling.

Especially suitable for gala dinners, after dinner experiences, festivals, corporate events and award ceremonies, our talented diabolo juggler can adapt her show to any situation. She can even be booked as part of a variety show or a big theatre or circus production.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide variety of circus performers and diabolo artists for events all around the globe.

If you’re interested in booking this amazing Female Diabolo Performer, don’t hesitate to contact us today and make an enquiry. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be happy to provide further details on her diabolo solo act and assist you in the booking process.