Fantasy Angel Trio

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Fantasy Angel Trio
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Stunning fantasy angel trio are a stunning, ethereal sight that will mesmerise guests

  • Fantastic angel stilt walkers create a heavenly, elegant atmosphere as they roam through your event

  • Breath taking roaming fantasy characters based on different angelic visions from throughout history

  • Incredible angel walkabout act perfect for fantasy themed events and festivals

  • Amazing angel trio available for events across Italy

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Bring something truly unique to your event with our incredible fantasy angel trio- a walkabout act with a stunningly beautiful design. This walkabout performance features our three beautiful angel stilt walkers who are sure to captivate any audience with their breath taking costumes and elegant, ethereal presence. Our angel walkabout act will mesmerise audiences as they stroll gracefully through your event, and will create an atmosphere of wonder and otherworldly beauty that no other roaming performance can provide. These roaming fantasy characters are beautifully designed to complement each other and create stunning shapes and figures with their amazing costumes, makeup and wings. Book this one of a kind angel trio and bring your guests a magical spectacle like nothing else in the entertainment world.

Our fantasy angel trio are the creation of our visionary artist who has over 30 years experience in producing art, costumes, sets and choreographing dance and acrobatic routines at the highest level. This walkabout angel act is the culmination of all his talent and imagination, resulting in a stunning angel trio to enchant guests with their breathtaking design and graceful, emotive performance. Guests will be hypnotized by the pure colours and graceful, subtle movements of these roaming fantasy characters as they watch over your event from atop their stilts.

This fantasy angel trio rise from the ground on stilts of different heights, creating a striking living sculpture as each of the angel stilt walkers move about and interact. Each angel is designed around a different theme, representing different visions of angelic beauty from throughout human history. Together they form an incomparable roaming performance perfect for fantasy themed events, festivals and parades.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a fantastic range of walkabout characters in every theme and style you could imagine. Contact our team now to arrange booking our Fantasy Angel Trio or another amazing act for your event.