Family Friendly Event Robots

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Family Event Robots
Reasons to book this Family Friendly Robot Show
  • A family friendly robot show that will astound audiences of all ages with our high tech LED robots

  • The perfect entertainment for children’s parties, theme parks, shopping malls and any occasion that wants to wow both adults and children

  • Our family event robots are available as both a full robot show as well as walkabout entertainment

  • Highly sought after at children’s birthday parties our robots now offer the option for the birthday boy/girl to be included in the performance

  • Based in London and available for worldwide bookings

Family Friendly Event Robots videos

Family Friendly Event Robots photos

The ultimate robot show that is guaranteed to wow guests of all ages, these family friendly event robots capture the attention of everyone in the room and provide a robot show that will leave lasting memories for both adults and children alike. 

Watch as our 12 foot robots walk into your event glowing with LED lights and giant laser guns, demanding the attention of every guest and providing the perfect entertainment option for any family friendly event or private party.

Providing walkabout entertainment as well as a full robo show these robots offer heaps of crowd interaction and even boast a fully choreographed performance! 

Delivered straight to your door, this high end robot show will transform any children’s birthday party into the event of the year as our robo show includes the option for the birthday girl or boy to be included in the performance. A highly sought after family friendly robot show that includes realistic robots, choreographed routines, audience participation, crowd interaction and a walkabout option, these LED robots know how to get a party started. 

Perfect for children’s birthday parties, private events, theme parks, shopping malls and any event that desires top of the range robots to astound guests of all ages. Fantastic for roaming entertainment options, these LED robots boast a highly interactive act that covers all areas of entertainment from interacting with guests, posing for photos and performing a full choreographed show for you and your guests entertainment. Provide your little one and their friends with memories to last a lifetime with these futuristic robots. 

To book our family friendly event robots contact our Entertainment Specialists or to see more from our high tech robots visit our LED Nightclub Robots page.