Fakir Duo Show

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Fakir Duo Show
Reasons to book this fakir circus show
  • Male-female fakir circus duo can walk barefoot on broken glass, touch fire without getting burnt and juggle with swords!

  • Also specialist in fire manipulation, this duo can perform numerous tricks with fire

  • Arabic circus act loved by audiences of all ages can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor spaces

  • Perfect arabic circus entertainment for weddings, themed events, festivals, corporate occasions, galas, after dinner experiences, etc.

  • This Fakir Duo Show is available for bookings in Portugal and worldwide

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A Fakir Duo Show that will cause jaws to drop, this Arabic circus act is guaranteed to become the highlight of your upcoming event. Performed by two skilled and experienced fakir performers, this fakir circus duo is formed by one female performer and dancer and one male artist. 

This popular style of Arabic circus entertainment involves fascinating tricks including sword swallowing, walking barefoot on a bed of nails or walking barefoot on broken glass, among many others!

Also specialists in fire manipulation, our performers can execute their routines with different fire tools and props. They can touch fire without getting burnt, juggle with fire knives and even set fire to their bed of nails and then sit on it whilst they eat and breath fire!

Loved by people of all ages, this fakir circus show always catches the attention of both little ones and adults. Marvelled at the variety of impossible tricks performed by our fakir circus duo, audiences always burst into applause at the end of each performance.

Arabic circus entertainment is a popular choice for a diverse variety of occasions including weddings, themed events, festivals, corporate occasions, galas, after dinner experiences, etc. Happy to perform both indoors and outdoors, this fakir circus duo can adapt their Arabic circus act to different performance spaces and types of audiences.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of Arabic circus entertainment for events and occasions in Portugal and all over the world.

Book this mind-blowing Fakir Duo Show by contacting us today. Our in-house team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this fakir circus show and assist you with your booking.