Face Video Mapping Barcelona

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Face Video Mapping Barcelona
Reasons to book this ACT
  • State of the art video mapping technology projects astonishing moving images onto guests’ faces

  • Turn guests into tigers, Mexican skulls, and paint their faces with surrealist make-up or chose your own design

  • Perfect digital installation for tech events and brand reveal entertainment

  • Guests can take away a photograph of their face wearing the video projection as a souvenir of the event

  • Based in Barcelona, Spain, our video mapping digital installation is available for international bookings

Face Video Mapping Barcelona videos

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A fantastic digital installation, Face Video Mapping Barcelona delivers astonishing interactive entertainment guests won't be able to get enough of!

Hot on the heels of the video mapping trend, this exciting video projection uses the latest in video mapping technology to turn guests’ faces into the canvas for digital art. 

Virtually turning participants into anything you can imagine, our stunning video projections cast colourful moving imagery onto their faces for brilliant results. 

Transforming guests into tigers, Mexican skulls, zombies, skiers and more within seconds, this sensational digital installation works brilliantly for brand reveal entertainment. 

Novel and interactive, guests will delight in seeing their faces morph from one shape to another, trying on the faces of different animals, characters, or virtually painting their faces with surreal makeup or tribal paint. 

Fantastic as a digital installation for technology trade shows and events, video projection or mapping exhibitions, as well as brand reveal entertainment for almost any industry, this video mapping concept is sure to be a hit with guests, onlookers and passers by. 

Visually exciting, our video projection digital installation is guaranteed to attract attention in any event setting. Effortlessly blending innovative technology with creativity and avant-garde entertainment, our video mapping solution delivers original and artistic formats for all kinds of events and projects. 

Guests can take away a photograph of their video-mapped face for a fantastic souvenir of the day, each branded with your logo so they never forget their experience with your brand. 

Primarily based in Barcelona, our video projection service also has offices throughout Spain in Madrid, Malaga, Ibiza, Valencia, Tenerife, and Bilbao.   

Discover more exciting digital installations with our broad range of latest technology acts, or get inspired by our roster of brand reveal entertainment options. 

To book Face Video Mapping Barcelona for a one-of-a-kind video projection installation, or brand reveal entertainment, get in touch with our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts.