F1 Driving Car Game Simulator

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F1 Driving Car Game Simulator
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Breath taking immersive technology that'll transport guests to various racing circuits.

  • High speed interactive entertainment that puts guests on the fast track as they compete for a high score.

  • Sensational video projection F1 rig that features a fully built F1 car for guests to sit inside.

  • Unique futuristic entertainment option for arcade experiences, private parties, corporate events, and more.

  • Crazy simulation experiences will complete your future themed party and is available across the Netherlands.

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Enter the world of high speed F1 racing world by booking our breath taking immersive technology experience that features a dazzling lifelike model of a real F1 race car that guests will sit in while they race throughout various courses around the world. Our video projection rig features a G27 force feedback racing wheel, HD image playback, surround sound built-in audio, and a standard display that can be placed against a wall for a larger than life futuristic entertainment option. A fantastic interactive entertainment option that'll bring the wow factor to any future themed party of any size that'll grab the attention of guests instantly.

Our remarkable F1 driving car game simulator offers the latest in immersive technology and is available in a variety of packages that either include an operator or not that'll help set everything up for your experience. The other perks of our packages are a basic bones video projection option that provides the gaming experience, or a more complete package that includes a large screen display, full F1 racing furnishings, lighting, truss system, and the option to include your own company's branding that'll help keep your company's logo and name secured into your guests' minds.

A fun interactive entertainment and futuristic entertainment option for a future themed party, corporate events, private parties, arcade experiences, and many more. Our F1 driving car game simulator will have guests competing for a top score while creating unforgettable memories while racing across the world in our F1 simulation rig.

Scarlett Entertainment is dedicated to bringing great immersive technology experiences around the world, if you're interested in booking our unbelievable high speed and intense F1 racing simulator for your upcoming special event or gathering, contact our helpful team members who'll answer any and all questions  you might have regarding our experience, as well as help you through our booking process.