Extreme Balancing Board Act

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Extreme Balancing Board Act
Reasons to book this Circus stage show
  • Extreme Balancing Board Act delivers a sensational circus stage show

  • Insane balancing skills see our rola-bola artist perform gravity-defying tricks

  • Plenty of rocking and rolling with a rock music theme and live electric guitar

  • Riveting circus entertainment with our teeterboard artist atop precarious towers of props

  • Based between the UK and Switzerland, our Extreme Balancing Board Act circus stage show is available for international bookings

Extreme Balancing Board Act videos

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A thrilling rola-bola circus entertainment act, our Extreme Balancing Board Act is packed full of daredevil stunts and incredible feats of balancing. 

Watch as our brilliant teeterboard artist performs gripping tricks in a spine-tingling performance of extreme balancing and gravity-defying stunts. Guaranteed to stun audiences of all ages, this fantastic show is perfect for family-friendly entertainment. 

Increasingly stacking more cylinders, boards and props into his shaky tower, our skilled artist gets higher and higher, incorporating hoop and skipping rope stunts into his white-knuckle routine.

With a fantastic rock and roll theme performed to pumping rock music, our teeterboard artists perform a show like no other with punk costumes, flames, and shredding electric guitar solos.

Having performed their extreme rola-bola act worldwide, our teeterboard artists have wowed audiences in countless countries from Australia and South Africa to Hong Kong and Switzerland. 

With a background in circus entertainment, our talented rola-bola artists have developed and advanced their electrifying act over the course of a successful 10-year career. 

With years of diverse experience working in a varied range of settings, our artists’ circus stage show has graced the stages of renowned theatres, appeared on countless TV shows, and won over audiences of galas and variety shows across the world. 

Continually receiving rave reviews, our extreme rola-bola circus entertainment show is sure to exhilarate audiences of corporate parties, galas, cruise ships, after dinner shows, variety performances, sports stadiums and more. 

Just one of many circus entertainment shows and performances, check out the other artists on our roster crammed full of high-end acts. 

To book this sensational circus stage show and stun your guests with a unique and adrenaline-charged performance, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts.