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Fake Correspondent
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Entertainment reporter and cameraman interview guests at your own red-carpet event

  • Act provides glamorous correspondent, camera operator and roll-out red carpet

  • Guests are interviewed for mock entertainment show at parties and corporate events

  • Visitors can watch video on HD stream. Live streaming is also available

  • London-based act available for bookings worldwide

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Book our news entertainment correspondent for your very own celebrity party. This mix and greet TV entertainment will interview your guests about what a great time they’re having, making sure that your party gets the best vibe possible. Guests love being canvassed on camera and instantly feel like celebrities on the red carpet. Event paparazzi can also be provided to take snaps of your guests as though they are in the media spotlight!

This showbiz frenzy is easy to assemble, doesn’t require anything from a venue and can turn any party from a fun affair into a soiree with the neon buzz of Tinseltown about it. The act will organise a red carpet running to the entrance of your party - whether this is your house or the Waldorf Hotel - and it can be bordered by paparazzi snapping away on their digital SLRs.

Waiting at the door will be a beautiful interviewer straight from a programme such as E!, MTV or Channel 4 and a broadcast camera operator. They will interview your guests for up to an hour as they go into the venue - and you can watch as your visitors’ demeanour changes from party-goer to movie star.

Customisation options for the interviewer’s microphone can include existing TV and online news channels and sites, or your own bespoke ‘TV channel’. 

Once your party is underway, the interview will roam the venue getting impromptu interviews in an authentic way. They will never drop character, maintaining the idea that your party is the celebrity bash of the year and constantly making sure everyone is having the best time possible. 

The videos will be available via a dedicated online channel for everyone to watch once they’ve nursed their sore heads better, and in certain cases the act can arrange a live stream. 

This is the perfect act for parties of any description, but particularly awards ceremonies, gala dinners, corporate functions and other black tie events. 

Top Tip:

Team with our Professional Paparazzi Act for double the impact. Why not opt for a Polaroid-style camera so can provide your guest with a real print on the night? Our photographers also have real vintage cameras which we can use with modern flashes for a flash only event where you don’t need real photos.

To book, contact our dedicated team of entertainment coordinators today.